Zoho Projects – Free [Android] [iOS]

‘There’s an app for that’. You’ve most likely heard this phrase at least once. If you’re a part of a team working on a project and finding a way to manage it on the go, then yes! There’s an app for that! Zoho as a company, has several web based products, and Zoho projects is one we’re discussing today. It’s a free web based project management/ collaboration tool, which is also available as a native application on smart phones. 

I’ll quickly share a brief summary of what the app is about. Zoho projects is perhaps one of the prettiest and functional project management tools for smart phones currently available on the web. To start using this Android/ iPhone project management app all you and your team needs is an Android or an iOS phone with an internet connection and team ready with the app setup on their phones. With these taken care of, you can quickly start creating and managing tasks, view live feeds with hot topics and people discussing them, share images, log your work time, get instant alerts to name a few. The following video from the company explains the concept of Zoho projects as project management tool: