Xperia Z1 Mini To Follow The Sony Xperia Z1 Flagship

We have seen how Sony Xperia evolved into the Xperia Z1 flagship. Xperia Z1 mini is a successor to the Xperia Z which released in the first quarter of 2013, way before competitors rolled out their flagships. A worthy flagship which was soon overshadowed by HTC and Samsung with their releases. That maybe what lead Sony to roll out another flagship within a period of 8 months. In contrast, Sony might have projected this strategy beforehand, aiming to capture multiple price segments by lowering the Z’s price and creaming the Z1 with a layer of in quality and pricing.

Japanese Honami Mini (Xperia Z1 mini a.k.a Z1F)

The Xperia Z1F was showcased in Japan recently. It does the same specs of the Z1, which is shockingly amazing. If it arrives in other markets the price would likely be its selling point, as it would easily cost much less than the Z1’s 40-45k INR segment and you would get the same innards as the Z1. Only the display is downsized to a 720p, but on a 4.3 inch display, which is still great as many of us have seen and probably used 4.3 inch devices with WVGA resolution (480×800) amounting to a meagre PPI of just around 200. Such devices went on to become the generation defining handsets. Z1F has already everything else going for it, including the compactness bonus that allows for easy single handed use, plus a substantial PPI of 342!

This is the Japanese version after all. Evidently, those markets usually get buffed up versions of the international releases. Therefore, the leaked Z1S or the Z1 mini, soon releasing in other markets may not retain the same spec sheet as the Z1F.

If we consider the above facts as accurate, then even the mini version of the Z1 will easily overpower the previous flagship, Xperia Z, in terms of processing power and camera equipment. Only the display would be a 4.3 inch 720p as opposed to the 5 inch 1080p on Xperia Z. Z1F would even house a similar battery, 2300mAh as compared to 2330mAh on Xperia Z.

Xperia Z1 mini vs HTC One mini vs Samsung Galaxy S4 mini

As compared to Samsung and HTC’s truly mini variants which get easily dwarfed by their flagships [going from quad-core to octa-core to dual core; 2GB to 1GB RAM and other downscaled specs], the Xperia Z1 mini/Z1F/Z1S would be no different from Sony’s own powerhouse, the Z1. The only step down would be, as mentioned before, the display and battery. Note that this is not in any way a downgrade. A smaller display would consume less power thus eliminating the need for the bigger battery and it would be rather wasteful to put a 1080p panel on a 4.3 inch display, as we would not even notice the difference between that and the 720p one on that screen size. But 720p on a 6.3 inch is a totally different story.

Xperia Z line of Smartphones

Presently, under the Xperia Z banner or the top category of Xperia phones, Sony has, Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia ZR, Xperia Z Ultra, Xperia Z1 and now the Xperia Z1F mini.

*Here is a relational spec overview of the above listed phones
*An overview of specifications

*A relational comparision of specification overview

Xperia Z, the Quad-core 1080p waterproof 2013 Flagship has a non-waterproof variant, the ZL. Same main specifications minus water proof and dust proof certification.

Xperia ZR is the downgraded version of the Xperia Z in terms of internal storage (16->8GB) and display (1080p->720p), but it retains the Dust and Water proofing though on a different non glass body.

Xperia Z Ultra is more of a tablet category smartphone as it pushes the phablet zone beyond the boundary. Basically, it is Xperia Z1 on a bigger size display (6.4 inches, wait, 6.4? inches? yes! on a 7 inch tall body!) even with the same battery, CPU and GPU, but sadly a not-so-good camera. (8 MP non flash camera)

The Japanese Z1F (Honami mini), is a more colourful Z1 on a 4.3 inch 720p screen powered by a 2300mAh battery, with the same Chipset, RAM, internal storage and other servings.

Among the Xperia Z denomination, the only device left out of the water and dust proof class is the ZL, assuming the Xperia Z1 mini is water and dust proof.

At present, the Xperia Z1 post its launch a month back, has been well received in our market. Only downfall is the lack of accessory support, even after more than a month of the device’s commercial availability, the Official Sony Stores do not even have screen protectors available, and are still blaming the third party makers. Even Official Sony Accessories have not been arrived here (India, Mumbai). You can find a nice and wide range of accessories on Mobile Fun’s (UK’s leading online retailer) Indian site, but since all of them are imported, it takes money and patience for them to be delivered to you.

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