What To Do If Your Windows Drive Has No Free Space Left?

Your computer hard disk will fail if there is very little or no space left in the Windows partition. Not!

It’s odd to imagine that there are a so many myths related to computers and their working. Is it the people or is it the massive knowledge base of technology know-how that are hard for people to cope up with (the latter being the culprit).

Almost 10 years ago, i owned a Pentium II with 2 GB Hard Disk with 32Mb RAM and Windows 98. One of my friends bought a CD loaded with free flash games (of course i was 11 years old). My prehistoric computer was configured with two drives, C drive and D drive of which D drive was already full *sigh*. Flash games were the only games that worked correctly on my computer. So, i copied the entire CD on my desktop and very soon the C drive was full too. Being a novice user, i started to worry a little because i had no space left at all on my computer and my friend suggested me to delete those files i just copied into my computer or else my hard drive will fail. Left with no other option, i deleted the flash games. The fact is that, having no space in a drive has nothing to do with hardware failure. He was not the only one who blessed me with the divine knowledge of how computers work. I still meet people who are stuck with this myth!

What actually happens

Your computer will definitely boot in a healthy way if there is very little or no space left in the Windows partition. But, there are certain things you should be careful about when you encounter such situation.

  • Almost all programs are designed to create temporary files and cache. These programs will refuse to start or continuously pop up an error. I experimented this situation on my desktop with Photoshop CS2 and found out that Photoshop was smart enough to deal with it and asked me for an alternative drive (Scratch Disk Preferences) where it could store it’s temporary files and cache and let me continue using the program.
  • Such situation also might create a problem while using System Restore. As it may not be able to restore your desktop into the previous state you selected due to the non – availability of required free space.

What should you do?

  • You should clear the cache and temporary files using CCleaner (freeware). Sometimes these files get piled up into a hundreds of megabytes or even gigabytes.
  • If all this is already done, then delete or transfer files of least importance to the neighboring partitions/ backup drive with enough free space.

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