What Is Hacking? How To Not Be A Victim?

A guide to keep away from online thieves

First of all, what is hacking? In computer language, hacking is the art of detecting the loop hole in the security system of a computer and exploiting that loop hole to intrude in the main system. The intention may be evil or may even be a step to find and fix the vulnerabilities.

A computer system is designed to have a strong security mechanism but due to limitations of human intelligence, the security mechanism is not a perfect one. It is next to impossible to actually produce a software which is non-hackable. If you compare the computers with us humans, you will be astounded that every detailed functioning in a computer is very similar to what humans work like. After all it is our imagination and our way of life style that led us to make computers real. The important difference is that, the the digital world possess intelligence with no emotions and humans possess both! And so, it’s ‘our vulnerabilities’ that make us design a strong but, a vulnerable computer system. Computers are our legacy!


There are some simple ways to protect your computer system from many types of network intrusions and data thefts.

  • Never open e-mails from unknown/untrusted senders. Some bad e-mails contain malicious codes that are crafted to install on your computer to damage and/ or steal your personal information.
  • Avoid clicking on unknown links sent to you on social networking sites as they bear the same reason as the first one.
  • For online transactions, make sure that the websites where you are performing the transactions are https enabled. For example, you should use https://paypal.com and not http://paypal.com. The ‘https‘ is preferred for enhanced security and is always used by legitimate websites concerned with e-commerce.
  • If the firewall alerts you regarding an incoming connection, if you are unsure of who and why it is, never accept it.
  • While registering on any website, always prefer setting pass-phrases that exceed 14 characters.

These recommendations are not all the things to keep away every hacker but, some simple steps to perform on a system that will protect the user from most of the online thieves and their hacking attempts.