Visual Studio 2012 To Feed A Lazy Programmer In You? (Spoof)

Visual Studio 2012 – Microsoft is all set to release the next increment of its popular development environment. Visual Studio 2010 has made and continues to make a huge impact on the IDE market. The new iteration seems more titled towards convenience, rather too much. But eh, it’s not bad all the way though!


With so much for me to yet discover and learn about the Visual Studio 2012, i’m excited to discuss about its next version and all it’s  offering to the development community. Here are some of the few fascinating features that I have discovered so far.

  • Resize the code window:

This is a feature that you can use while writing your code. You can maximize the code window by selecting it, thus hiding your solution explorer and the output window.

  • Edit your code during execution:

This was possible before way back in the 1990’s in Visual Basic 6, but now you can do this in Visual Studio 2012. You can pause your code during execution, modify it and then the compiler handles the rest for you.

  • Google your errors:

A real handy feature for all developers, for all the obvious reasons.

  • Automated addition of semi-colons:

Will probably help reduce the number of silly mistakes while programming. Useful to compensate the programmer’s forgetfulness, when it comes to adding semi colons at the end of statements. There are potential rumours that the compiler may also add closing brackets and braces. Damn you Microsoft  for making the programmer’s work more convenient and lazy!

  • Copy-Pasting Codes:

A widely embraced feature by most lazy programmers and students. Copying and pasting code picked up from the internet will just become more convenient. Visual studio will now apply its own changes to the copied code and redevelop it for you so that it makes some sense.

  • Evil Code Monkey:
Visual Studio 2012
Visual Studio 2012 IntelliSense

For all those who copy and paste code directly without even thinking for a second now have an evil monkey by their side. The hottest add-on to feature in the Visual Studio 2012, is the ‘IntelliSense’ feature. It is points out at the part of the code that has to be written the correct way and ask you to Google it on how to do it.

  • Have your code translated now:

Be it VB, C# or F#, while viewing your code, you can have it translated to any of these languages you wish to view your code in.

  • Add Reference Dialog:

A better “Add Reference” dialog that provides a blend of speed and flexibility as demanded by people earlier.

I hope you had a good laugh out of this brilliant skit for Visual Studio 2012, originally by and all credits to the creator – Ian Quigley.