These Technologies That Will Change Lives For Better, Or For Worse

They are all coming to exemplify the future that we all fantasise about. From uber-powerful computing, greener and non-exhaustive resources sources of energy, fabric bound electronics to digitally enhanced clothing. The following upcoming technologies will only amplify the goodness technology has to offer to mankind, or may be not.

Digitally Enriched Apparel

A lot to express eh?

Beginning with a technology that will soon enable you to wear cloths, that flashes digital texts and animations. Like any brilliant idea, it has its own quirks. Digitally enhanced T-Shirts can effectively be used to socialize and communicate non-verbally by flashing smart animations. On the evil side, it could effectively be used to advertise. Just think about the ‘get paid to wear’ campaigns!

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Charging Electronic Devices With Apparel

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This one of the most talked about ideas of this technological era and is undoubtedly a genius. The idea is to compute body movements with smart apparel to capture the generated energy. Nothing like ‘not’ running out of battery for all the devices we carry on the go. And yes, it’s green too!

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Succeeding Transistor Technology In Computers, Possibly With Spintronics

moore's law joke
Moore’s law comic strip

Spintronics is a spin-based electronic technology, contrary to the conventional transistors which uses electrical charges. Spintronics has the potential to help us continue building faster computers.

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Brilliant Screen Technologies For An Ultra Productive Environment!

tat future touch screen
Image Credit: TAT

Well, the title says it all. You’ve seen it well in sci-fi movies and possibly in real life too. Such technology is rapidly evolving and such full fledged tech will soon hit the markets. How soon? It’s hard to say. Keep tracking the news feeds!Read: 2014, A Year of Futuristic Touch Screen Technology?

Automatic/ Robot Driven Cars

google auto car
Google Car from a live demo

It’s not just Google. There are quite a number of companies constantly testing out and teaching the new breed of smarter cars to drive all by themselves. This technology is a challenge. Training machines to aptly follow the drivings rules, and be in sync with complex human emotions to ensure road safety is not easy. When this is achieved, we’ll definitely mark a milestone to our technological evolution. Things could turn up for the worse if this process goes unnoticeably wrong.

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