Tablet Computing Technology Takes A Leap Ahead

UPCOMING TECHNOLOGY – It’s quite an effort to keep a track of the ‘new’ with incessant updates in the technology market . This is especially true for the cell phone and tablet industry. And the warm success of tablet computers has led more manufacturers to come up with their own versions. As such, some tech companies are working with their unique ‘twists and whacks’ to spill out the next-generation tablet computersHere’s a quick look at the upcoming tablet computer technologies.

Razer’s Gaming Tablet

Despite the popularity, tablet computers have never been able to gain a notable support from the gaming communities. And it’s justified. Currently, even the best tablet in the market lacks enough hardware to run graphic intensive games to match the quality of new age gaming consoles. So here’s an update. Once a concept gaming tablet from Razer (Project Fiona), now confirmed for production – the device promises an integrated Intel Core i7 processor with a sound system certified by THX. Though it’s said to have a 10.1-inch display, the screen size seems pretty small for a proper console-like gaming experience. But hey, there are ways to stream games from any device to a larger display!

Bendable or Foldable Tablets

The next generation of tablets may be even more portable than they are now. These may be made of an OLED display and folded like a newspaper and placed in your back pocket. Sounds genius, right? Interestingly in the year 2011, Samsung released a concept video and confirmed the introduction of such a bendable and transparent device sometime in the year 2012. Well, the year has almost ended with no such thing happening – 2013 may be?

Electronic Skin and Wrap-Around Glass

Credits: Corning

A solar-powered stretchable touchscreen device is being developed by Stanford University. The idea is to create wearable gadgets that are light, flexible, and thin as your daily apparel. A tablet or smartphone ingrained on the sleeve of a shirt – a common element in sci-fi movies may soon be a reality. Corning Inc. manufactures the ‘Gorilla Glass’ popularly used in today’s cell phones and tablets and the company is working on a glass display that could be wrapped around a device. This would mean that touch-screen gadgets may no longer be limited to rectangular shapes.

Tablet Projector

Hold on, this one’s is already available in the market! SmartQ U7 tablet from SmartDevices has introduced a tablet with a built-in projector! While Samsung may be working on a Windows tablet with a built-in projector. This would allow the projection of presentations or videos from the back of the tablet.

So, how would you like to have your tablet computer? Discuss your ideas and expectations in the comments section below – the manufacturers might actually pick them up!