This Guitar Has A Touch Pad And No Strings

An innovative Guitar type with an attractive design, more capabilities and features.

touchpad guitar

Misa Digital has built a unique kind of guitar, a Digital Guitar which has the guitar body with no strings and produces the “perfect sound”. It has 24 frets, a multi-functional touch pad and it ’emulates’ the sound created from the guitar. That sound can be digitally morphed into any type of sound needed and different effects can be implemented even on each note. This means, it eliminates the use of external pedals and other effect system making the guitar playing experience more controlled and efficient.

Watch the video demonstration of this Guitar,

It is not a modification of acoustic, electric or any type of guitar, but a new kind in it’s form which is expected to make a successful entry in the beautiful world of music. As of now, there is no news of when this guitar will be available in the market.

Do you like the idea of this guitar type? What are your thoughts?

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  • Akshay Bandodkar

    Looks like a futuristic musicians piece, may be belonging to 2050-3000. Sounds very digital. Looks like technology is trying to capture the world making things digital but i personally do not feel that this piece of technology will out beat the traditional guitar, at least i would not prefer to use this kinda guitar, and the feel of the distortion and other effects that gush through your blood and brains when the strings are struck with the same blood that flows through your hand cannot be experienced through a digital guitar like this baby.
    However this creation for creating music may hit the heads of a tech geek or may be be a robot would be interested in this
    But no doubt its good use of technology, and this is what the world is revolving upon.
    Thanks for the article Raj , this surely add to my knowledge.

    • Raj

      Right, this guitar is intended to be for the music genre called “electronic music”. No wonder the traditional guitars have very enlightening feel, all because of the human touch. This guitar is totally for a different niche and probably wont come in the way of traditional guitars, at least for the next 100 years.

  • Akshay Bandodkar

    Yes i did read about it on the mesa digital site, it also mentions that not to compare it with the traditional guitar, but i do feel that since that it has been made like a guitar then i don’t have a strong reason to not to compare it to a guitar. Why wasn’t this technology used to make a better and enhanced keyboard which is one of the key elements of electronic music so that this invention is not compared to a guitar.
    Another thing I just want to share is that, even Gibson made the Robot Guitar which has features like an auto tuning system which uses the Data transmitting tailpiece and a bridge that controls the tuning allowing the tuning pegs to function according to the settings made using a motor fitted into the pegs , again this not exactly similar to the MisaDigital or a electronic thing we are talking about, but still it was an attempt to create something new and futuristic using modern technology ,but somehow it was not much accepted by musicians worldwide, of course keeping aside the price tag and just a bit to add and conclude, Promotions made by renowned musician had their self interest which needs no explanation.

  • Les Paul

    Thats a pretty crazy invention. It kinda reminds me of Matt Bellamy’s guitar of Muse, with the touch pad, but his still has strings lol. Pretty neat.

  • Haven’t seen this before. Can you do the same thing using an iPad and a Guitar Hero controller? 🙂

  • Vivek Khanduri

    What a guitar man. Even guitars are seem to evolving. Its just brilliant technology. Hope to see it materialize in the coming years.

  • kavita @ Bollywood Lyrics

    it’s pretty much innovative technology, great post.

  • James Ellis

    Finely some bodys done it a real guitar. I cant wait too here mor an see what the price is going to be.