This Guitar Has A Touch Pad And No Strings

An innovative Guitar type with an attractive design, more capabilities and features.

touchpad guitar

Misa Digital has built a unique kind of guitar, a Digital Guitar which has the guitar body with no strings and produces the “perfect sound”. It has 24 frets, a multi-functional touch pad and it ’emulates’ the sound created from the guitar. That sound can be digitally morphed into any type of sound needed and different effects can be implemented even on each note. This means, it eliminates the use of external pedals and other effect system making the guitar playing experience more controlled and efficient.

Watch the video demonstration of this Guitar,

It is not a modification of acoustic, electric or any type of guitar, but a new kind in it’s form which is expected to make a successful entry in the beautiful world of music. As of now, there is no news of when this guitar will be available in the market.

Do you like the idea of this guitar type? What are your thoughts?

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