The Yahoo-Bing Vs Google Story

A new chapter in the Search Engine – Online Advertising Story

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The 3 amigos

Some time ago, Microsoft unveiled it’s new search engine – Bing, which created a big buzz on the web world. Now, Google is working on a revamped version of it’s search engine, code named “Caffeine”. While Google has no plans to change the user interface like what Microsoft has done with Bing, it is said that Caffeine will change the way Google search indexes, crawls and ranks the search results, making it much better than it is now. Even though Google search enjoys a “virtual monopoly” in the world of search engines, it plans to maintain the fact by building the next version of Google search.

Bing is a lot better then Microsoft’s live search and easily comparable to Google. Bing features better & faster results, blocks explicit content (to a very good extent) and has an appealing UI. All this is OK. But, what does the 10 year Yahoo-Bing deal involve? Well, Yahoo will halt it’s own search engine for 10 years and which will be replaced by Bing. This means that the strategy will involve Microsoft to use Yahoo traffic to divert ad sales from Google. Microsoft will give Yahoo 88 percent of the search ad sales made on its Web site, above the usual commission of 70 to 80 percent. Yahoo will sit back and focus on generating more traffic and more money.