The Need For Speed Continues…

Seeding up the OS

We know that a better PC Gaming experience comes only if the system resources are sufficiently available. If the system is out dated, it needs to be upgraded. If the games are still lagging at play, some even consider upgrading it further. This is when there is a need to check where and how to system resources are being used. There are many cases where the computer hardware is sufficient to run the game flawlessly but the Operating System is not properly setup or configured and the users without knowing this fact, spend more money to make their system run better.

Game Booster Logo
Game Booster Logo

A long time ago, one of my friends bought a new high end HP Laptop with almost all the attractive features. I really liked that system but, the only thing that irked my eye was that is was preloaded or say “cursed” with Windows Vista. My friend was happy with the OS and why wouldn’t he be, he was a newbie. He enjoyed the candy coated looks and the GUI. A month later, i got a call from him and he said how frustrated he was with the consistent decrease in the speed. He was worried that the hardware just have gone faulty and was willing to get it repaired or upgraded or some newbie thought like that. As his hardware system was actually up-to-date, i recommended him to downgrade the OS to Windows XP -Service Pack 3 which would solve all his performance related issues. He started using Windows XP and soon realized the tremend us improvement in the performance without the need of spending on new hardware.

The speed related issues can arise in any OS if it’s not timely maintained. Flooding the OS with applications, insecure / infected system, too much fragmentation, e.t.c can disrupt the system from working with it’s real capability. Earlier, i have written articles of how to use your computer with it’s “actual speed“. You can very well check them out.

Above all of these, there exists an application that significantly makes additional RAM available temporary stopping services that are not at all needed. The app is called as Game Booster, a freeware program to make additional RAM available for playing games or for loading heavy programs. When you are done playing games you can very well revet to the Normal mode which will restore all the temporary stopped services.