The Mactini – A Glimpse Into The Future Of Computer Technology

The world’s smallest computer with only one button

The Mactini

Forget Netbooks. Apple has redefined the meaning of portability with it’s upcoming product, The Mactini. With it’s super ultra portable size, your computing experience will be like never before. It is the future of portable computers… Not! This is not true. Don’t fall for my cheap selling skills.

It’s actually a hilarious sketch from The Peter Serafinowicz Show, that was aired on BBC 2 as a Christmas Special in the year 2008. In this sketch, Peter Serafinowicz the “Apple guy John” demonstrates the working of the impossibly small Mac Computer, called the ‘Mactini’ with only one button on it’s keypad. The video is pretty old, but worth revisiting again :D. Watch it:

Think about it, if say hypothetically this is true, what reason would make you buy the Mactini?

  • Obviously computers can only get as small as our senses are comfortable interacting with. Extreme miniaturization would be counter productive, but the video is entertaining.
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    • Raj

      Thanks 🙂 The latest computer processors are good examples of Extreme Miniaturization. Decade by decade they go smaller in physical size and are accompanied by more processors, and end up as multi-core processors which are energy efficient and perform better.

  • I yet not to found a cause to buy Mactini. I’m happy with my PC.
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  • Really cool! well this mactini :p is gr8 but its tough to operate.

  • fweafw

    The Mactini helped me with my homework, though it took me until past midnight to type “how to build a robot, and a mactini” ps i typed this with a mactini nano