The Test Driven Google Car – It’s a Robot, An Auto Driver

UPCOMING TECHNOLOGY – Google’s constant attempts to spread it’s arms above it’s search engine and advertisement placements has brought in an experimental robot car that drives all by itself (under the supervision of a human safety driver), just in case the car needs help. Google’s blog said that it all works with the help of video cameras, radar sensors and a laser range finder to “see” other traffic, as well as detailed maps collected by their manually driven vehicles to navigate the road ahead.’ The car drives quite well on it’s own.

google auto car
Goole Auto Car

The concept of autonomous cars is not new. It as been in talks and research since quite some time. The recent conference at TED gave the attendees an opportunity to experience Google’s autonomous car first hand.

The inside view of the car

The ‘Auto driving’ demonstration

Google is hard focused on road safety and minimizing carbon emissions with their “in research” autonomous car. There is yet much time to experience the actual implementation of such vehicles because building a robot, in such case, the Google car, needs steep programming complexity and stability, teaching the machine to aptly understand the physics of motion and sensibility. This is why the Google car isn’t unmanned yet.