If The End Is True, What Lies Beyond Moore’s Law?

UPCOMING TECHNOLOGY – Gordon Moore had said it. The transistors embedded on integrated circuits will get smaller every two years and eventually become as small as the size of an atom. So, by the time we reach that point, we would desperately need an alternative in hand to continue with the ever growing need better processors. But, what if we run out of ideas or what if we fail to find an alternative?

Take your time to browse through this beautifully poetic info-graphic depicting how the era of computers began with the invention of integrated circuits and transistors, following with the startup of the pioneers of the computer/ software technology and the eventual saturation of the possibilities where transistors could be reduced in size to fit more of them into the ICs. This may suggestively happen in the year 2023. What lies beyond is intriguing. I leave that for you to have a look at.

the end of computers

The end of computers?