That Annoying ‘On Behaf Of’ Notification In Gmail

Interlinked Gmail Accounts

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I use two Gmail IDs and have interlinked them to make things more convenient i.e I receive and reply to emails from my regular ID that have been sent to my blogger email ID. This is because i have configured my Gmail account to forward all the incoming conversations to my regular ID and also allowed it to send and reply to emails in the name of my blogger email ID. This is one of the coolest features introduced by Gmail. But, this feature comes along with one inconvenience. Gmail adds the Email ID of  the original sender in the email header which is easily readable by the recipient, which makes the feature useless for professional and business conversations.

On bringing this issue to the notice of Google. They justified that, Gmail needs to authenticate the Emails sent using it’s SMTP servers to avoid the sent emails to be flagged as SPAM in the recipient’s mail box. Hence, the “On Behalf Of” can be easily seen in some of the Email clients.

The feature is expected to be fixed in near future due to a large volume of user requests.