2014, A Year of Futuristic Touch Screen Technology?

UPCOMING TECHNOLOGY – When it happens, it’s brilliance will significantly enhance the way we interact and lead our lives, making our routine and even complex activities more interactive and easier to accomplish.

tat future touch screen
A screen capture from TAT’s experience video

If you watch the video below, you will witness some cutting edge and really interesting technological enhancements you would want to apply to your daily life. This is an Open Innovation experiment video from TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) depicting how the the screen technology whether mobile or immobile, would and should be few years from now.

With dual and flexible electronic paper style screens, electronic ink screens, mirrors with Wi-Fi powered screens, screens with great contrast under sunlight and knowing their position, are the delicious recipes needed to get us high on touch controlling everything we see, *ahem* not really everything!

Though it sounds all goody goody, there are some pointers that make me wonder about the implementation of this conceptual marvel. The idea focuses on the “touch screen” interactivity of almost every object we use on a daily basis which would really need more power. Unless there is an alternative and eco-friendly source of energy available by the time the technology may completely replace the current physical infrastructure in our daily environment, it probably may not prove to be environmentally feasible.

There are several research projects been worked on globally to develop alternative and environment friendly energy sources. We all know that. The availability of products powered with such screen technologies just be in sync with the presence of cheap and feasible energy sources to allow the more safer and futuristic world a reality with swiftness. This would also involve a stable wireless connectivity among the various devices using this technology which may again prove to be a hurdle in some less technologically advanced countries.

Some of the technologies visualized in the video are already in production and will soon hit the market. One of them is seen in the first section of the video where the person stretches the tablet for a wider view is a similar concept of dual screens which is a first of it’s kind created by Toshiba.