Is Spintronics A Potential Successor To Transistor Technology?

UPCOMING TECHNOLOGY – The trend paths laid down by the Moore’s law is gradually nearing it’s end; this basically suggests we need to find an alternative to the conventionally used transistor technology in order to continue making better computer chips. Spintronics, also known as Magnetoelectronics, is an emerging technology that possibly has the answer to the indigent alternative.

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Transistors (being a part of the semiconductor family) are dependent on electrical charges to perform the computational duties. While a research based on Spintronics, led from the University of Cambridge’s Department of Physics, is designed to develop a spin-based electronic technology to replace this charge-based technology of semiconductors. Spintronics technology is being said to succeed the transistors technology for all the good reasons, much need for better computing needs.

Spintronics technology relies on manipulating the electron’s magnetic ‘spins’, when applied to computers could drastically improve their speed with reduced power consumption. This new research talks on making the ‘spins’ more efficient. One of the most intriguing facts about Spintronics is that it does not use electric currents to transfer the spins, the spins can rather transfer information without generating any heat in the electrical devices.

VIA [ScienceDaily]