Sony Aims To Win The Masses With It’s New VAIO Line-ups

Sony plans to double the sales of VAIO notebooks this 2011 with it’s comprehensive line-ups. VAIOs are now available in 62 model variants, pricing from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 1,30,000.

There was a time when buying a VAIO notebook in India meant an expensive deal. With Sony’s recent efforts to target almost every segment in the Indian market with it’s extensive range of VAIOs, the affordability factor has been taken good care of. Sony has invested Rs. 50 crore to bringing out VAIOs for each consumer segment and aims to increment its share from previously 15% to 20% this year. Have a look at what the new VAIO line ups serve,

  • VAIO S
VAIO S Laptop

Comes with a flat body and a slim design. Sony recommends it for business meetings and outdoor usage due to it’s long battery life.

Price: Rs. 47,990 to Rs. 1,29,000.

  • VAIO C
VAIO C Laptop

Bears a full HD screen and high-performing graphics. Its designed for fashion conscious consumers and is available in 6 colors.

Price: Rs. 54,990 – Rs. 69,990.

  • VAIO E
VAIO E Laptop

Suitable for students and professions for day-to-day activities like checking/sending e-mails, organizing photos and documents, e.t.c.

Price: Rs. 27,990 and above.

  • VAIO Y
VAIO Y Laptop

This is the cheapest among all the VAIOs listed here. The VAIO Y is recommended for casual users and beginners.

Price: Rs. 24,990 and above.

  • Free Remote Diagnostics

With Sony’s aggressive attempt to conquer the main stream consumer market, the VAIO consumers will get continued access to free remote diagnostics service, even after the warranty expires. This means the users can get their ‘software based’ issues fixed/ checked for free by a remotely located technician via internet on any day.

At a recent prees conference in Mumbai, Mr. Masaru Tamagawa, the Managing Director of Sony India seemed confident with Sony’s new campaign and it’s plans to compete with Dell and HP.

Visit Sony’s official website to compare and chose the right VAIO.