Sling Media’s Slingbox, Now In India – Price, Specs And Features

It’s “the future of remote television”, meant to entertain on the go, for people willing to access their own home television network anywhere in the world without paying extra subscription fees.

Sling Media has announced the availability of Slingbox in India, with which the users can access their home television on their portable/ home theater screens anywhere in the world. It’s a great system for people seeking entertainment “from” their home television channels, on the go.

slingbox PRO HD
Slingbox Pro HD

With an active internet connection, Slingbox (compatible with Windows and Mac) allows the users to watch television from standard to high definition video/ audio quality, depending on the Slingbox type and the internet upload/ download rate. A Slingbox variant, PRO HD version allows users to watch home television remotely up to 1080i resolution. Ofcourse, the source input must provide with a 1080i video stream and you need a equivalently good bandwidth


With all the beckoning claims and for who aren’t sure about what Slingbox does, allow me to explain.

slingbox placeshift
An illustration on how a Slingbox works

Lets consider a television input. The Slingbox device is connected to the “main source” of the television or the television itself. The user at the other end of the world controls the home television with a virtual remote control and the video stream is quickly available on the output device.

Mind that the Slingboxes all around the world have a USB 2.0 port which do not function. The speakers at the Sling Media press event (held in Mumbai) mentioned the reason behind the non-functionality of the USB ports is intentional and for the convince of the users. Earlier, the USB ports were intended for firmware upgrades and many users found it inconvenient, so they planned to automate the upgrading process via the internet and block the USB ports for the time being.

Slingbox 120
Slingbox PRO HD
slingbox comparison
Feature comparison


  • Slingbox 120 – This is the entry level variant and streams standard definition content. (Rs. 7,999)
  • Slingbox PRO HD – Does what the name suggests. (Rs. 14,999)
  • SlingLink – Simplifies the home internet viewing experience for seamless playback. (Rs. 4,999)
  • Currently selling at Tata Chroma, Reliance Digital and distributed by Ingram Micro India.


The warranty system provided is the same as what is being provided in other countries with 90 days free telephonic support and 12 months warranty. Also, Sling Media is providing with the installation service which they do not offer in any of the other countries. The press event did not conclude whether the installation is paid or inclusive.