Single Room That Transforms Into More Rooms, The Technology

Optimizing a small space to make it much more usable, probably the future of small and cheaper homes.

Few years ago in Hong Kong, genius architect Gary Chang implemented the concept of what he defines as the “Domestic Transformer” into his living space of 330sq. ft, making it wholesome with an entertainment room, study room, living room, kitchen and the bathroom to name a few. The Domestic transformer is capable of transforming into 24 rooms! It seems unbelievable to visualize such marvellous home actualize.

Gary Chang followed the so-called ‘Hong Kong’s principle of utilizing every inch of available space’ making this technological marvel an inspiration.

(Interview of Gary in his transformer room)

Another well known marvel called The Kinetic Apartment was a project completed with Design4D and based on the same idea as the Domestic Transformer, the only difference being that it has 3 basic transformable rooms and uses only a 30Sq.ft space.

A visual of the interior

The single 30 sqm room consists of three basic elements. These are a red rotating media wall which can be positioned to serve any space, a solid black work surface which extends the length of the flat and a white screen wall which unfolds to reveal functions and define spaces. An automated lighting system and touch screen media centre add an extra layer of digital luxury to the apartment

Though this technology has not been widely commercialised and also currently an expensive deal, with constant R&D it may soon become cheap and a most preferred home for many. But, would you really prefer living your life in such compact houses?