Reviving A Damaged Pen Drive

Some tricks to try at home

pico wet pen drive
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This is the third time when my pen drive has been actually revived from being drowned in a water and it hasn’t been the first time when i forgot my pen drive in my pants and sent it for laundry *face palm*. Here in India, the traditional way to wash clothes is by soaking them up in soap water and later beating up the clothes by a hard wooden rod so that  the stains go away easily. Thanks to the house maid who discovered the pen drive before beating it up to pieces. Now hold on, my pen drive isn’t still in usable condition.

Fixing a Wet Pen Drive:

  • Preserve the pen drive in sunlight for a day so that all the moisture evaporate away. Now try using the pen drive, it should start working!

If your pen drive has already passed away, you can try bringing it back to life. These tricks may or may not work, depending upon the severity of damage on the device.

Ways to Fix a Dead Pen Drive:

  • Drop It – Yeah, this trick has worked for many,
  • Hit it – Similar to above,
  • Freeze it – This trick is used to retrieve data from hard drives (works for larger hard disks). Wrap it in a plastic bag and put it in a deep freezer. After freezing it for about 6-7 hours, you can try plugging it back to retrieve the data.

These are some ways that i have learnt and tried to revive damaged pen drives. I hope this article helps you. If you have any questions, feel free to drop in a comment.