Retweet: Twitter Tells Users To Go Fu*k Themselves

Twitter spokesman, Mark Logan responds candidly to some of the common issues faced by users on

The ‘Fail Whale’

Twitter has been in news for crashing down recurrently. With too much weight of traffic, tweets and re-tweets, seems to be tumbling down often. Some users are complaining about too much spam and claiming that twitter is ruining English language. Well, Twitter has heard all these complains and has responded with an answer.

Oookay… It’s not really a response by Twitter, but a  hilarious video made by portraying how Twitter would have reacted (hypothetically) with those issues floating around their mind.

Watch it:

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  • man the video is made by

    • Raj

      Hi Gagan. Yes, this is a joke video made by I had categorized this post under Technology and Humour to be clear. My apologies for any confusion caused 🙂

      I have now re-edited and made this post more clear.

  • At first I was shocked to read the title. Good choice of title !! Very eye catching !!

    • Raj

      😀 Thanks.