Receiving Emails And Feeds On SMS For Free

Nokia 1110i is super cool when it comes to speed and simplicity. Being a Nokia 1110i.user, i’ve always enjoyed the browsing speed and the comfortable keypad. For me, It’s basically a fixed version of Nokia 1100. Even though this black and white phone is stripped to only calling, messaging and with a better version of Snake for entertainment, it doesn’t stop me from receiving my mails and recent feeds on my mobile. The trick is for all who.use a simple phone with no GPRS access and is also.useful for mobiles with GPRS.

SMS Notification

There are two services that I am considering, one being only for phone numbers in India and the other one for USA and Canada.

I will start of with the service for phone numbers in India.

For receiving new mails on SMS, you need to free your Gmail feed from the usual authentication (yes, you have a feed for your email account too).

For regular feeds, apart from Freeing your feed, all the steps to be followed are the same.

Google SMS Channels (Currently for India only)

I have tested this trick only on Gmail accounts and works as smooth as whiskey. It should work for other Webmail services too. Though the updates are not in real time, it usually takes 5-10 minutes to arrive as SMS.

Generic Gmail feed link –

The feeds for other webmail services can be found with Google search.

  • Get started:
  1. Go to
  2. Enter as the input url, followed by your.user id and password. (Is it safe? Of course it is. But still, you should read the privacy policy on the website). Save the output URL.
  3. Log into Google SMS channels,
  4. Settings,
  5. Enter your mobile number and set the other options as per your preferences,
  6. Create a new channel,
  7. Enter the regular details in the form,
  8. In the ‘Source’ section, select RSS/Atom feed and enter the new feed generated from
  9. ‘Allow publishing by’: Only me
  10. ‘Who can subscribe’: By invitation only
  11. Click on Create Channel,
  12. And you’re done.

ZapTXT (USA and Canada only):

Register and enter the necessary details and the new feed generated from

Follow the easy step by step guide, and you’re done!