Radio Wave Technology: The Evolution and Significance

The Evolution of Radio Waves: A wonderful 2-minute animation, designed by JESS3, highlights the importance of radio wave technology and the introduction of a very first audio oscillator, HP 200A and the transition toward the current technology showing Agilent Technologies’ newest and most popular function generator, the 33550 series.

It all starts with a blip, a beep, a pattern, a signal containing vital information that is produced by everything in and around us. The new technologies and devices produce signals and carry more information data than it’s previous generations. The signals transmitted by the machines like the cell phones and medical devices are becoming more complex containing much more information. Signal generators play an important role in testing devices with which we are able to taste great new and innovative devices and technologies today.

The video later talks about Agilent Technologies’ high performance – low cost 33550 series function generator that provides better signal fidelity and purity to deal with more complex devices.

The Evolution of Radio Waves from JESS3 on Vimeo.