Sony’s CineAlta Super 35mm Digital Production Camera Launched In India

The Sony Electronics Asia Pacific has unveiled it’s latest and an innovative digital cinematography camera this week in Mumbai.

The PMW3-F3 CineAlta Super 35mm is the latest innovation on Sony’s digital 35mm roadmap wrapped tight with great set of features along with portability, performance and price, explicitly targeting the Indian filmmakers. It is claimed to be the first professional handheld digital camera with a Super 53mm imager.

The acclaimed Director/Cinematographer Mr. Santosh Sivan who is also the winner of 12 National Awards and 21 International Awards along with his team had provided a preview of a short film shot in Chennai, India using the PMW-F3 camera. I had the privilege to view and grasp the visual quality of the video shot by this camera first hand and I was truly entertained by the stunning visuals and richness of depth in each video frame.

Side angle view of PMW3-F3 CineAlta

The working and technical aspects of this wonderful camcorder can be read in detail from the following booklets:

Price: The PMW3-F3 CineAlta Super 35mm comes with a suggested list price of Rs. 12,30,000 (tax inclusive) for the PMW-F3L (without lens) and Rs. 1,710,000 (tax inclusive) for the PMW-F3K (with PL Lens kit). Also includes two SxS media cards, two battery packs and a charger.

Orders and Availability: Though this product won’t be in the market before February 2011 in India, it can still be bought early from the Authorized dealers.

  • Shiva @ Webmaster Tips

    Wow, this pretty cool. Sony is certainly one of the biggest contender in the camera market worldwide and if it keeps on launching such great products someday it will certainly emerge as the best

    • Yes, It was indeed a good move by Sony to launch a camera of such type as there are a good number of independent film makers emerging in India who might find this camera a good deal because of it’s price and feature set.

  • Cool but expensive and not for me 🙂
    Sony is a great camera manufacturer and I bought a digital camera last summer, the price is 🙂 $200~~~