Orange Tiny Terror (15 Watt/Combo) – Pure Awesomeness

AllTube Orange Tiny Terror Hands On Review

Ok, this is my first blog entry here and couldn’t get better than this. Today i’ll be telling you about this mind-blowing Amplifier i tried recently, none other than the AllTube Orange “Tiny Terror”.

By no means one should underestimate the power of this Amp and come to conclusions after reading it’s name. Since, i tried the combo, i would love to let you know about all the factory specs that Orange has provided us in this monster.

This Amp is available as a 15 watt head or a combo loaded with:

  • 2 EL84 power tubes
  • 2 ECC83 and
  • One 12AX7 preamp tube
  • Roars through a 12″ Celestion G12H-30
tiny terror
Side tilted view of Orange Tiny Terror Combo 15 Watt Amp
Top Angle View

It clearly sends all other Amps in this range of wattage/price home. The console is very simple for one to understand. In the order from left to right, we have, first the ON/OFF switch, followed by a three-way toggle switch that allows you to use the Amp at 7Watts or 15 Watts, or lets you put the Amp on standby.

After that comes the LED/bulb indicating that the Amp is switched ON/OFF, then the Volume, Tone and the Gain Knobs, and lastly the input. Talking about the tone, you get out of this is sheer pleasure. The gain range is wide enough to tempt you to throw away your overdrive pedals, a Classic British “Orange” sound. Right from a nice chunky clean tone to really fat overdrive, the tubes are made to deliver the best. The tone knob adjusts the higher ‘Mids’ in your sound, enough to give you tonnes of possibilities on one dial, since simplicity is one of the best elements of this Amp. about the volume, it will make you forget that you are playing through a 15 watt, this Amp is f****** loud. Good for intimate gigs to moderate size shows. This will serve you great at any gig, must mic it and send it through the PA and you have your sound wherever you want.

I played this Amp straight with a Fat Strat, and the sound delivered on any setting was an amalgam of smooth, creamy, fat and punchy, usual, but all for the best. The down side for this one would be the weight (17kgs) which is a typical tube-amp issue, and its price(859$ on musician’s Friend), but again quality doesn’t come cheap.

So, if you are looking for an Amp that will be great for practice, as well as a decent one for gigs, then this one will surpass your expectations. This “Orange” monster is meant to be played LOUD!