One Step Closer To A MAC OS Makeover

Transformation Pack does it

While thinking about MAC, the first thing that comes to my mind is it’s subtle, sophisticated & rich desktop environment and I know there are a bunch of “manual transformation methods” available on the web that “help you” achieve the MAC OS look(kind of). You can search for and try those methods with the help of your favorite search engine. But, if you just don’t wish to spend your time the manual way, then you can very well use the Flykite OSX transformation Pack. It does what it needs to achieve that rich MAC desktop feel, except that it does not include some of the coolest effects found in the actual MAC (which might be availble in the future version).

mac os transformation pack

Flykite OSx Transformation Pack (Download) is packed with many desktop beautification programs and settings that are almost enough to satisfy the “desktop makeover needs”. To make the picture clear, check out the screenshot,