Nvidia’s GeForce LAN Gaming Tournament India (October 14th, 2011)


The mega LAN gaming party is scheduled to spill in prizes worth Rs. 10 Lakhs and every participating gamer will be given an opportunity to have their hands on the ultimate gaming rigs! 

Gefore LAN
Event branding

Being a gaming enthusiast myself, i spend some of my weekly hours playing Counter Strike 1.6, typically, within a gaming clan or on public servers. Considering the game’s age and it’s new versions already in the market, this game never gets old; i’m sure most 1.6 gamers would agree on this. So, i can sense how each tag of victory and recognition matters for any gamer. This is a great event for the Indian gaming crowd to have fun and earn recognition among the gaming community at the legendary LAN Gaming Event to be held at Mumbai, India.

The LAN gaming party is scheduled for October 14th, 2011 and the registrations are currently open and free. If you are interested to participate in this event, make sure you register yourself quickly as the entries are on first come first server basis, so you may not want to miss it out.

The registration form, rules, agenda, timings and all relevant details are listed at www.nvidia.co.in/object/geforcelan-in.

Go go go!