Nvidia’s 3D Technology Product Line Now In India

It’s 3D, it’s realistic, it’s awesome and little heavy on the pockets.

Nvidia is popular for it’s extensive range of GPUs and it has recently launched a new product line targeting the mainstream Indian market. With the tremendous success of 3D movies like Avatar and many others, also considering the numerous festive seasons in line, this is indeed a great time to launch Nvidia’s new product line in India. Nvidia has partnered with the leading global brands making the 3D entertainment systems easily available for the Indian masses with introducing 3D monitors, 3D Cameras, Projectors, Notebooks and Desktops.

I had a opportunity to witness almost the entire product line at the Nvidia’s promotional event and perhaps the most interesting product I came across were the 3D enabled – Gaming Computers. The working is pretty simple, an emitter which is connected to the computer communicates with the USB powered 3D ‘Active’ glasses which successfully takes the usual gaming experience to the next level! I must say that I was blown away with the 3D gaming experience as it was much superior than my expectation. The reason behind the awesomeness of Nvidia’s 3D gaming is because of the Active 3D glasses it uses rather than the conventional Passive ones found in many cheaper alternatives.

nvidia 3d tv play Rather a more interesting product Nvidia now offers is the NVIDIA® 3DTV Play™ which allows.users to connect NVIDIA 3D Vision™ enabled notebooks and desktops to 3D HDTVs for the ultimate high-definition, big-screen entertainment experience. This means that 3D Games, 3D Photos and Blu-ray 3D Movies can now be easily experienced with Nvidia Geforce GPU computers connected to HDMI 1.4 3D HDTVs.

The only shortcomings I witnessed is the ‘wireless’ technology these Active 3D glasses are made with. The glasses have to be in the range of the data emitted. Any break ups in the links between the glass and the emitter can cause the screen of the glasses to flicker which can be uncomfortable. Secondly, the price of the glasses is not very consumer friendly. The glasses can be priced at Rs. 7,000/- appx each and the number of glasses bundled with the 3D system bought is entirely dependent on the retailers. This makes the product line more of a luxury and still a niche.

Being a new initiative in the Indian market, with time and R&D, it is obvious that the entire package of the 3D systems will soon replace the current 2D entertainment systems into 3D, entirely.