New Technologies Expected In 2010

UPCOMING TECHNOLOGY – Our civilisation is entering a new phase of time, year 2010, just two years closer to 2012. Ok, stupid jokes aside. The year 2010 coming along with many technological advancements and plans for a more techie future. From USB 3.0, 3-D television sets to the upcoming Xbox console, all are expected to be witnessed in the year 2010. I am personally looking forward to the 3-D television. When this becomes a part of our everyday lives, it will surely change the way of home entertainment.

3d tv without glasses
An illustration of 3-D TV, without the need to wear glasses

I have assembled a list of the upcoming techs in 2010 from various sources. Check them out:

  • USB 3.0, ExpressCard 2.0 Products Expected in 2010

So which of these upcoming techs are your favorite? What are you expecting?

Have Happy And A Peaceful New Year !