Nano Powered Apparels To Charge Our Portable Electronics

The clothes we wear can generate enough energy to charge our mobile phone batteries, when powered with technology.

Nanotechnology has a better answer to energy efficiency and conservation. Professor Li-Wei Lin at University of California, Berkley is working along with his team to enrich our clothing with more features, to be able to keep our portable gadgets like our mobile phone charged with energy generated by body movements. His idea is to intertwine electric generators into clothing fibre. Thus allowing  the energy generated from our body to be utilized for a purpose rather than being wasted away.

Preview of an experiment where energy is generated by simple hand movements

Earlier, Sciencedaily reported about the Stanford Engineer Yi Cui, is working on a similar concept with a different approach. He is experimenting to code nano material into common cloth with nano infused ink. Thus building a battery that will be embedded into clothing which will act as a energy storing device.

Conductive textile (Cotton dipped into nano-infused ink). Credit: Image courtesy of Stanford UniversityOur future has so much to give. Technologies like these are paving the way for smarter and more energy efficient future.