Make way for the Ipod Shuffle manager

For Apple Ipod Shuffle only

I own a 2nd Generation Apple Ipod Shuffle which is not ITunes dependent. You might be thinking how is it possible that an Apple Ipod can work without ITunes? Well,if so, you are not alone infected with this terrible myth. Aleast 80% of Apple Ipod users worldwide have a strong and a clear belief that an [Apple Ipod – ITunes] = [My Ipod doesn’t work anymore, it has been murdered].

Most of the users including me are already annoyed by the arrogant behaviour of all the versions of Itunes. Itunes is a sucker right from the downloading the large setup to uploading and deleting the multimedia and not to forget it’s fat gut growling for more memory. But, you can make your Ipoding expereince easy, efficient with Ipod Shuffle manager. Now, the sad part is that the Ipod Shuffle manager only for Ipod Shuffle and you can’t use it in your video enabled Apple Ipod.

Steps to get your Apple Ipod Shuffle working with Ipod Shuffle manager:

  • Copy the Ipod Shuffle manager in the Ipod drive (Don’t put it into any folder)
  • Run the program (will only run from the Ipod)
  • Click  the refresh button in that program
  • Copy your .usic tracks in the.usual(one that is also.used by Itunes)  .usic folder
  • Go to the program again and click refresh
  • And you are ready to.use your Ipod!
  • A cool thing is that now your Ipod is also compatible with Itunes too!


Type: Freeware

File Size: 12kb