Lithium-ion Batteries With Extreme Folding Capabilities

UPCOMING TECHNOLOGY – The idea of bending and twisting any electronic device can seem bizarre and discomforting. But, there are instances when such deformability can be very useful. One of the most desired capabilities while building any compact system is to allow deforming of larger devices and forcibly fitting them into smaller areas, possibly with no loss of intended behaviour and output. Let’s take a look at researches that aim to bring out lithium-ion batteries with extreme folding capabilities.

Origami Lithium-ion battery

The researchers at Arizona State University have built a origami lithium-ion battery with the main purpose to provide foldable solar panels for spacecrafts, particularly to save space (no pun intended!).

The following video shows how high deformability of lithium-batteries is very much achievable, while persisting high quality of output.

Via – [Nature]

Paper lithium-ion battery with 14 times more energy density when folded

Foldable battery
This illustration is demonstrating the possible folding pattern and ability of the battery

How about a battery made out of nanotube-coated paper that can be folded and unfolded like a map? The battery has been demonstrated to produce more energy when folded. Researchers are working on further improving the energy density.

This battery could find it’s use with the popular idea of “flexible” consumer electronics.


Elastic/ Stretchable Lithium-Ion Batteries That Charge Wirelessly

These stretchable lithium-ion batteries can power tiny medical devices to be implantated inside the human body. The stretchable batteries within implanted devices could be wirelessly charged.

Via – [NorthWestern.EDU]