LG India Kicks In With It’s New ‘Cinema 3D Smart TV’ Line-ups

Do not mistake LG’s Cinema 3D Smart TV as among the “ordinary” 3D TV sets out there. With the target to yield ₹ 1000 crores worth of business in India merely from 3D TVs, LG’s new product range for the Indian market conscientiously ‘delivers quality‘. As LG claims, all models within the Cinema 3D Smart TV category have been built with the world’s slimmest bezel, thus summing the overall thickness of Cinema 3D Smart TVs not more than 1 mm. The Cinema 3D Smart TV range is now available from 32 inches to 72 inches within ₹ 55,000 to ₹ 7,00,000 price range.

LM8600 – One of the Cinema 3D Smart TVs