Tablet Wars – iPad vs Surface vs Nexus 7

With the long history and availability of tablets in the market, none of them have been potent enough to rival the Apple’s iPad. Market statistics prove it. While, this is not just about the hardware and software richness, it’s more about convincing and winning the mass consumers. A long list of tablets have come and failed. They were somehow flawed with either features and/or design. Hence, they have been unsuccessful in convincing the mass consumer market. This year we might witness a major change with the announcement of Microsoft’s Surface tablets and Google’s Nexus 7 tablet. The 2 recently announced tablets have plenty of sensible features to offer you’ve always wanted to see in a tablet. Read more as I talk about how each of the 3 major tablets might ably win the mass consumer market.

iOS vs Android vs Windows

Why Apple iPad has been winning

Apple’s vast eco-system of apps has yet to be matched by any other software company. Though Android has achieved a rapid growth in their apps collection it hasn’t yet surpassed their rival’s offerings. Also Apple’s notable hardware and software integration along with finesse in hardware design has been able to create a far superior user experience that has yet to be rivaled. This self-sustaining ecosystem comprising of iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, platform specific apps, operating systems and their cross platform integration has been the thriving force behind this market reach.

Strengths – App Store, Presence in Smartphone, Notebook and Desktop Markets, Build quality and design, Wide range of Accessories, commendable hardware and software integration.

How Microsoft’s Surface can win

Surface showed some amazing never-seen-before features that no other tablet could pull off this gracefully. A full desktop PC experience in a package which is slim and handy, has only been embodied by Microsoft’s Surface yet. It is just a tablet, but with capabilities surpassing those of other tablets, notebooks and most PCs. Does it really perform as good? This is yet to been seen. Windows already has a vast eco-system with over 1billion PCs from tablets – desktop computers – laptops – ATMs all over the globe. With Surface as a productivity device can attract and complement a considerable portion of this existing customer base. By offering options such as high speed USB ports, SD card slots, video out ports, touch & type keyboard covers and many unmatched functions Microsoft can outsmart its competitors with its Surface range of products. Eventually, the price and the entire product package is what will determine the magnitude of its success.

Strengths – Full Desktop Capabilities, Kickstand, Touch/Type Keyboard, Windows 8, Well-established Windows Eco-system, Premium Design.

How Google’s Nexus 7 can win

Google with its latest tablet innovation Nexus 7 has pitched an unexpected product. Priced just at $199 and $249 (8GB,16GB), falling in the same category as a Kindle Fire($199) and boasting specs unmatched by any other tablet in that price segment or even in higher price segments. It boasts a 7″ 1280×800 HD display, along with a Tegra 3 chipset with a Quad-Core CPU and a 12 core GPU, front facing camera 1.2MP, Wi-Fi bluetooth, NFC, gyroscope, accelerometer battery packing up to 9hours of video playback and 300hours of standby time and weighing just 340gms. With this amazing feature rich high end tablet priced at a mass market level Google has another chance, though this time by its new partner ASUS and not by Samsung – the biggest hardware partner of Google whose efforts in tablet segment haven’t had much of an impact. Google with its Android has already cast its imprint in the world of smartphones with its apps based eco-system falling second in position to Apple’s. With this tablet as its centre stage to showcase its content from Google Play in the tablet market, Google now has the ability to capture a significant share in the tablet market just like it has in the smartphone market.

Strengths – Low Competitive Pricing, CPU and GPU powerhouse, Google Play Store, Wide presence in smartphone market. 

All of the above tablets offered by the respective manufacturers have their own unique way of delivering the desired user experience through their own well established eco-system. Whether these new products will be able to expand their respective company’s eco-system or will their eco-system sustain them in this iPad dominated tablet market, is to be seen.