Optimizing The RAM Speed Windows XP Style

Image Credit: Georgecoghill.com

I’ve experimented with and buried many RAM optimizing applications and all of them were sick enough to not-optimize-the-RAM. I don’t know if it’s my 1GB DDR2 RAM that sucks or should i blame it on the code. Whatever the case may be, i am happy with using the RAM freeing option available in the Windows XP itself. I have tested this option on many computers and work like a charm on all. The best part is that it’s stable!

Q. Why do you need to free up the RAM?

A. To optimize the performance of your PC RAM that has been reduced by fragmentation of the applications and games you’ve been using. It also helps you decide whether you actually need to upgrade you RAM or not.
Note: If you restart your computer,obviously, the RAM is automatically freed.

Most of the users are not aware that instead of depending and downloading the RAM freeing apps, they can use the feature straight away from their computer without downloading anything.

Here is the way:

  1. Make a new shortcut from the right click menu,

  2. Type the location of the item as: “%windir%system32rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks ” (without the quotes),
  3. Type the name of the shortcut (any name so that you can easily recognize it),
  4. Test it by double clicking on the new shortcut,
  5. And there you go, your quick RAM optimizer is at your service!