How To Not Suck At Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3 is not an easy game. At least I did not find it so. Max Payne 2 had a similar difficulty curve, which gave me some problems. Bullet time is there, but it’s not overpowering. It’s made to feel like a helpful tool, and it’s just that; nothing beyond it. At no point in either of the games can you rely on it completely. As such it becomes necessary to be careful at every turn in order to ensure that the “you’re dead” screen does not pop up too often. Hence, I made this article outlining a few steps which should help any player new to the game cope up with the difficulty. So here are a list of things you should consider while playing the game to make it less frustrating.

Screen 1
  • Accuracy is pivotal to the game. Bullet time or no bullet time, accuracy is a must in this game. It’s easy to wipe out a room only if you’re hitting headshots often. Otherwise, it can be painful and often fatal.
  • Bullet time is not a gimmick. It’s a limited resource which has to be used very carefully. It drains fast, and while active, it hinders the sensitivity for sometime which takes effort to get used to. So make it count. Aim for the head; always.
  • Treasure the meds which you get throughout the game. They only recover a sizable portion of your health. But it can mean all the difference between life and death. Also use them wisely. Use enough of the meds to keep your health above 50%. Bullets do tremendous damage in Max Payne 3, like they should; all the more reason to use them effectively.
  • Time your lunges effectively. Don’t go jumping in the middle of an open room surrounded by enemies. Doing so will result in an instant death. Lunging in Max Payne 3 automatically triggers Bullet time, which should be used properly to have any effect on the outcome of a firefight. Either use lunges to launch a surprise attack out of cover or use them to get into cover. Whenever you lunge, make sure you know all the directions from which enemy fire may hit you. Knowing exactly where the enemy is is critical for this purpose.
  • Health automatically regenerates in Max Payne 3. Use plenty of cover when you’re wounded. But be wary of the enemy AI. Enemies will often try to flank you and blow your cover. And they can use grenades too. So use cover effectively.
max payne 3 screen
Screen 2

While not a Dark Souls, Max Payne 3 sure isn’t the easiest game in the library. Hence, reckless gameplay will often get you killed. Following the above tips won’t exactly make you a pro at the game, but at least it won’t get you killed every time you try to put down a bunch of goons spreading chaos.