How To Get A Free Dot Com?

Allakhazam! and your wish has been fulfilled! Do you know that you can get a free individual domain with a Dot Com? It’s a dream come true for all who can’t or don’t prefer to spend some money periodically on a hosting service. And some of you bloggers might have noticed that your posts were/are getting comments like,
“HI ,

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Yup..thats right, whoever commented wasn’t kidding nor was he a spammer :). The amazing revolutionary concept of “free Dot Com” is provided by HyperWebEnable.

To be honest even i as one of the people who misunderstood the service to be a scam but, soon the truth hit me with sweetness. I requested for a free website and soon i was thrilled with a reply that the domain has been registered with the domain name of my choice! and the Admin details of my new hosted blog was mailed to me. They only have a small requirement that your website must be active and must have some traffic, which is good thing for them as it would keep their portal crap free. So go ahead, send in a request at HyperWebEnable and see the magic happen!

Here is the link: