How To Be A Fanboy Without Being A Troll

Trolls have been plaguing the internet gaming community for years now; rather the entire internet. Its time we did something about it and take steps to avoid this bothersome concept and its connoisseurs. 


Gamers can be broadly classified into two categories, the ones who love gaming, and the ones who love their hardware. The former cares about nothing other than games and it’s related news. The latter, on the other hand, cares for the system they play their games on. Because of the wide segregation of gaming hardware, each system has their own army of followers. For them, gaming is like a battlefield, and games are like the territories you control. The more territories you control, the better your position on the battlefield.

Now that’s fine. The world wouldn’t be as much fun without fanboyism. A little bias is never a bad thing, and actually works as a social phenomenon, bringing people with similar views together. When any object attracts a fanbase, the people controlling the object and the fans of the object can interact on a creative and productive level which usually results in refinements in future iterations of the objects(the only exception being Apple Inc i guess). In case of gaming, there have been numerous games which were improved upon based on the feedback received from the gamers. The only downside of this is that some people can take this concept a bit too far. Such people in the gaming world are called “Trolls”

Trolls are self employed ambassadors of their respective systems whose level of comprehension about gaming far exceeds that of any normal human being. Their mere presence is destined to bring about biased conclusions in a healthy-non-biased-argument and brings about a very distinct change in the thinking of the subjective society. They are not paid to do the things they do, but the “cause” they are fighting for far exceeds the need for any monetary gains. The funny thing is that even for this one dimensional train of thought, there are many categories. There are some who troll on a very light note; its like drawing a line in somebody else’s book just to irritate them. They troll just for the heck of it. Then there are others who actually go that extra mile and try to justify. The basis of all justification is logical reasoning, and when you try to juxtaposition trolling and justification, that’s the kind of thing that would give any tutor about having to teach you all over again.

I’ve listed a few key points for you to consider while posting anywhere on the web. You may follow these at your will, but i’m sure they’ll easily help you to hover against the bewitched land of trolls:

  • Justify your bias

Being biased about something is fine. But you have to back it up with reasoning . If you like gaming on your favorite platform, good for you. Give reasons for it. But for that you don’t have to demean any other system.

  • Be reasonable
calvin on reasonable doubt
Calvin on reasonable doubt

Your opinion should have a unique personality trait. But don’t let it look something like:

XXX is at the upper echelon of the gaming community. XXX does not waste his time and potential playing games on the crapbox or the pc. Those are for people who do not enjoy the pleasure gaming has to offer. XXX only games on the playstation 3, the true gaming platform. Playstation 3 is the only system that can give XXX and gamers on a similar level the quality that people like XXX deserve

You just can’t have any hopes of reasoning with someone who says something like that.

  • Don’t feed the troll
trolls suck
Do not. Ever.

Most topics on game forums go out of hand because they’re given more attention that they deserve. If somebody is trolling and you know it, at least don’t let them be successful. Trolls are usually not open to reasoning. This is probably the only reason someone would reply on a troll topic is to get that satisfaction of not letting him/her have his/her say. But that only makes the conversation worse.

  • Ignorance is bliss
dubya ignorance bliss

This is the golden rule of the internet. The notion of free speech has never been exploited in as bad a way as it has been on the internet. People can get away with everything. There really isn’t any point in trying to change their thinking, cause they themselves don’t care. The most important lesson one can learn is to let things go.

The above points are not for the trolls. A troll would understand what he is doing and still do it. I wrote this for those who don’t know when they might cross the line. Many people cannot differentiate between opinions and facts and try to ‘speak for the society’. An opinion is a perspective and it should stay that way and the amount of trolls that exist in the gaming world. This becomes even more important. As long as we don’t let things as mundane as news related to gaming get to our heads, everything should be fine. And lastly, contrary to what this article might suggest, trolling is not a crime. Its just a major nuisance which might have bothered a lot of you and it should be eradicated.