HDRadio Gets Smarter, Offers Song Tagging!

It’s time to upgrade

It’s great news for radio listeners, now you can listen to radio music at CD quality sound and tag all your favorite songs aired on any HDRadio channel at your convenience. It’s like bookmarking your favourite website. If you are really looking for great radio sound quality, this the real deal. The HDRadio has Zune HD and related radio technology products that gives you access to your favorite HDRadio stations with the clear, deep sound and portability, which HDRadio is known for, but now with more.  Not only can you listen to your radio station but, song tagging and music tagging lets you to also buy the song you heard. Imagine, you can listen, enjoy, tag and download a radio song forever! It’s only been a few years now that we have started to hear about music tagging and song tagging, HDRadio is now offering a line of Zune HD radios too.

HDRadio features:

  • CD-quality sound
  • Crystal-clear reception
  • No station drop-off
  • No static, hiss or audio distortion

iTunes users can also take advantage of the tagging feature. You just need an iTunes Tagging enabled HDRadio receiver. When you hear a song you like on your local FM HDRadio station, you simply hit the “tag” button. The song’s info will be saved from your HDRadio receiver to your iPod and iPhone. The songs will show up in a playlist called “Tagged” in iTunes the next time you sync your iPod to your computer. So you can click, download and buy the songs you want directly from the Apple iTunes Music Store.

You can do all this while you are walking, in your car, at home, in your office and even on your boat. Upgrade your current system. Radio listening is going to be easy and enjoyable again. Visit: www.hdradio.com

It’s been a few years now that we have started to hear about music tagging and song tagging, and now HDRadio is offering a line of Zune HD radios.