Hardening And Securing It

Prevention is much better than curing it

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Internet & Network security have always been a matter of great concern and will continue to be, there is no doubt. Content theft, network intrusion, phishing, password cracking, key logging e.t.c are some of the most common types of attacks that take place everyday all around the world. If a “hacker/attacker” is intending to hack into something, no matter how secure the target is, he’ll do anything to get his job done.

This doesn’t mean it’s easy to hack into anything and everything. Hacking is only possible if a security system allows a hacker intrude in, whether through a loop hole or by breaking in forcefully. Again, loop holes can only be exploited if they are successfully found.

If the security system is smart enough or the loop holes are timely identified and blocked, it’s always better. Earlier i had written a similar article on “How To Achieve Better Security” which explains an unconventional way to keep away malware from your system. To add more, there are two great freeware applications called, Harden It and Secure It by Sniff’em that block many of the ignored security flaws, in Microsoft Windows. You just install these tiny apps(only few KBs in size), run them and secure your PC from the all the security adjustments they offer. Also, their list is updated frequently, so you can protect your system from newly discovered flaws.

What is Secure-It™ ?

Secure-It™ is a local Windows security hardening tool developed by Thierry Zoller, it proactively secures your PC by either disabling the intrusion and propagation vectors proactively or reduce the attack surface by disabling underlying functionality malware uses to execute itself.

It secures Windows desktop PCs against new dangers by blocking the root cause of the vulnerabilities exploited by malware, worms and spy ware. In some cases Secure-it is even able to protect your PC against threats prior to a patch release of the vendor.

What is Harden-It™ ?

Harden-It™ is a Network and System hardening tool for Windows, by hardening the IP stack your Network can sustain or completely thwart various sophisticated network attacks. Harden-It is intended for advanced or professional user.