Google Vs Bing

Blocking Explicit Content

It has always been a matter of concern regarding the easy access to explicit content on the internet. Google Safe Search filter does not really block all the potentially explicit content while browsing through. In fact, Safe Search is available for Images only. Even if search for the term “hot” with the filter set as “, the image results will still return with content that won’t be suitable for minors. And not to forget the “Related search” suggestions.

Microsoft’s Bing is proving a tough competitor to Google Search with it’s speed an better search results. Bing is strict on blocking explicit content for web searches and image searches too. Bing has a separate invisible domain for allowing users to search explicit content. If you don’t want to it, just block the way you block any other objectionable site.

I am not being Anti-Google. It’s interesting how Google will answer to what Bing has done for blocking pornography.

Superman vs Spiderman
It’s like Superman vs Spiderman

The New York Post reports: But co-founder Sergey Brin is so rattled by the launch of Microsoft’s rival search engine that he has assembled a team of top engineers to work on urgent upgrades to his Web service, The Post has learned.

It was destined that Google Search had to face a tough competitor. Lets see how Google and Bing outsmart each other.