Google Fiber Makes It’s First Move, Offers 1Gbps Ultra High Speed Internet

With a great response received from all over the country, Google has chosen to build their first Ultra High Speed Fiber Network at Kansas City, Kansas (USA).

More than a year ago, Google had slipped in a message seeking information from interested municipalities to test and build their ultra high speed fiber-to-the-home network around United States offering the users a tremendous data transfer speed of 1 gigabit per second.

google fiber network
Google’s illustration of residential fiber networks

As said before, this is a great and a very significant step toward introducing the amazing next generation web apps and technologies, also considering Google’s own set of web applications. It hasn’t been revealed to how long the will take Google’s fiber network to reach the other countries and revolutionize the web experience globally. There is a more obvious answer to it, being a matter of time and money.

Google’s Chrome OS and the proposed 1Gbps internet connectivity service are closely connected. The operating systems based on cloud computing, like the Chrome OS itself, need a sound and fast internet connectivity between the entire network and the Google Fiber Network will serve that purpose.