GmailAssistant, A Smarter Alternative

A much better one..

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Google’s Gmail notification tool is really not very convenient or should i say, “too simple to be convenient”. It lacks many essential features and the requirement of patching it to enable https support qualifies itself to be called as ‘a total waste of time’. On searching for alternatives and carefully comparing them, i shortlisted the best one called GmailAssistant. It has a much denser grey matter and is enough to fulfill almost all your Gmail notification needs. It features:

  • Standalone program ( You don’t need to install it )
  • Does not generate logs or modify system files
  • Multiple account handling,
  • Always on top,
  • SOCKS proxy support,
  • Save/load program and account settings in encrypted profile files,
  • Automatic profile loading,
  • Adjustable mail check frequency,
  • Blinking Caps lock/Numlock/Scroll lock key on arrival of new mail,
  • Persistent and navigable popup message.
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