Gmail Notifier HTTPs Patch

Using Gmail Notifier With HTTPs Authentication

Google is well known for it’s “privacy policies” and also for it’s honest “Sophistication, with simplicity”. Gmail Notifier, a Google product, is a tiny freeware application which provides an instant notification regarding new email.

gmail notifier
Gmail notifier login screen

Almost all the Gmail users are aware that Google has introduced an option to access Gmail with more security i.e users can login to their mailbox with rather than with the regular Now, Gmail Notifier users have noticed that after setting the Gmail access through https, they were no longer able to get new notification through Gmail Notifier. The obvious reason is that Gmail Notifier, by default, is designed to access the mailbox through basic http authentication and as a result Gmail Notifier fails to provide you new email notifications.
To make the Gmail Notifier work with the new HTTPS setting, you’ll need to install a small registry patch available on the following link:

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