Beebble, A Free GeoSocial Game [iOS]

Beebble is a GeoSocial game that lets you build your own city of bees at real world locations (virtual town simulator), with your iPhone. So, you build a city with an intention of saving the bees, while the bees pay you for renting the houses. Sounds fair, right? Interestingly, the game is based on Einstein’s Bee Theory, If the bee disappears from the surface of the Earth, man would have no more than four years left to live.


Beebble is a clear mishmash of Farmville, Sim City and Foursquare. I loved the concept of blending these popular multiplayer and social gaming entities, which acts more like a safety assurance that the game “will” successfully cater to the avid social gaming crowd. And according to the market stats, the social gaming crowd on an average spend playing 9.5 hours/week on similar social games.

Beebble entices players to discover new areas of their real world by placing towns within the Beebble universe, but positioned in the real world. These towns can be developed by the players along with other friends they make in the game.