Prize List For The Upcoming GeForce Gaming Tournament In India!


Few days ago, we acknowledged the coming of the well known gaming tournament in India. Further details talk about the venue and killer prizes to be won for each winner!

Event branding

Venue/ Location –

The gaming tournament will take place on 14th October, 2011 at Bandra Kurla Complex Grounds, Mumbai, India.

Prizes to be won:

Counter Strike 1.6 / Call of Duty –
  • 1st prize – Rs. 1 lakh +M11X Laptop
  • 2nd prize – Rs. 50 k + M11X Laptop

NFS / FIFA / NFS Girls / GTA Girls –

  • Rs. 10k + AW 3D monitor
  • Rs. 5 k + GTX 560 Ti graphics card

Few pointers –

If you are thinking what ‘GTA for Girls’ really means, it’s an event dedicated only for women to participate and compete only with women. I don’t fully understand why there is a sperate event for that. It’s probably an effort by Nvidia to understand the number of women gamers in India. And most importantly, if you are willing to participate, make sure you register right away as the entires are limited.