Games And Developers We Probably Won’t See At E3 2012

E3 is a gamer’s one stop shop for all the latest and greatest game announcements. It’s a platform which is used by developers to market their games, and to get the hype meter going. Having seen it’s good days and bad days, it has survived and is here again to satisfy our gluttony for new announcements. But as with any given year, there are always companies that choose to abandon the show in favor of more customized and personalized announcements. And it seems like 2012 will not be an exception to this rule. So lets look at some of the games and developers we might not see at E3 2012.

Kingdom Hearts 3

kingdom hearts 3
We know its coming, and we’re waiting very very patiently, but the chances of KH3 making an appearance at E3 are rare. Square Enix have been very tight lipped about this one, and you know what they say about secrets – “the biggest ones are always the most exciting”. Here’s hoping we can get a first glimpse as soon as possible. An E3 appearance will be an epic surprise indeed.

Epic Games
epic games

This one is on the fence. The numerous sites that have listed the E3 attendance list make no mention of epic games. Or maybe they’ll shock us all by showing Unreal Engine 4, which might just be the highlight of the show, provided it happens!

Half Life 3

    half life 3

    The game which everyone wants is the one which always alludes us. Valve don’t have a great track record of showing their presence at collaborative events, and Half Life always abides by this rule. The only time i’ve seen Valve take center stage in such an event was to show their support for the PS3 at Sony’s conference. And even that was because of the backlash that some of their PS3 comments got. So no, I don’t think Half Life 3 will see the light of day at this years E3.



      This does not even need mention, but its here anyway. Blizzard always showcase their games and make their announcements at Blizzcon, and hence never make an appearance at E3. With a new MMO in the works, there surely is something very interesting cooking in their studios, but we won’t get to see it this year.

      Metal Gear Solid 5

        Metal Gear Solid 5

        No, i’m not implying Rising, or Vengeance as they call it now. That will be present at E3, but that’s not a true Metal Gear title. I’m talking Snake, who i’m sure everyone wants to see. It is confirmed to be in the works, but it probably might not make it to E3. If it does though, that announcement alone will get me off Diablo 3.

        These are the primary highlights of what we might miss at this years E3. I’m sure I must have left out a few other notable mentions, but these are the ones which are lingering round my head. If any of these prove me wrong, it will be a great day for gaming indeed!