Free Virtual Studio Technology At It’s Best

Making the most from free VST Applications

With Virtual Studio Technology, you can play, mask on a wide variety of sound effects, edit and record on a computer with any musical instrument. This technology is has been around since a very long time and has been highly appreciated for it’s capabilities.

guitar rig
Promotional illustration of Guitar Rig VST Application

To access the user interface, you need to run the VST plugins from the host application. But first, you need to download and install the tiny and freeware VST host application. Download Link

These are some of the web links where you can find and download plenty of freeware VST plugins:

Then, run the host app.

Click on the File menu — New Effect — Browse To the destination where the VST plugin in installed — select the .dll file and you are almost done.

To finish the process, open the Effect Menu — Click on Edit — This will open up the GUI of the VST application.

You can now have fun, make demo tracks and all that can be done with the VST technology.