Flashing Electronic Ink Displays On “Clothes”

It won’t be long enough when we begin seeing T-shirt apparel or even tyvex cloths enclosing our postal envelopes, being fully embedded with animated messages and icons. This upcoming technology is pushing the capabilities of the existing electronic inks to a bright new level.

We’ve witnessed the invasion of Electronic readers packed in super thin plastic case and even proper e-papers that can easily store and display written content at our convenience, consider Amazon’s Kindle which is powered by E-Ink’s ‘virtual ink’ technology.

Now, this concept of virtual ink has been taken a step ahead to place them onto cloths, and we know that cloths can easily be crumpled and folded owing to it’s physical nature. So let’s say, sometime in the future, we may actually see status updates from Twitter and Facebook on our apparel, or worse, advertisements! As pointed out by FastCompany.

e ink paper
E-Ink’s e-Paper product

Watch the video demonstrations of how the display works when embedded onto cloths, and yes, it works perfectly even with the crumpling and folding efforts!

These screens are powered by SURF which defines a Segmented, Ultra-thin, Rugged and Flexible display. An interesting aspect of this futuristic display is that the screens are easily viewable in open light as opposed to many flat display ones, allowing the content to be easily readable even in bright sunlight. This is possible because of a reason that E-Ink products display reflected light just as a regular paper does.

E-Ink is ready with this technology and could commercialize their electronic ink displays on such cloths anytime soon. They just need an interested party who may fund the production overheads.