Drippler Keeps You Updated With ‘Everything’ About Your Gadget

The final version of Drippler is out! It’s an all info-under-one-roof-portal for any gadget you wish to keep a track of. It’s a wonderful concept to have all updates at a single place and at the user’s convenience. In case you aren’t aware about Drippler, I recommend you to take your time and read through the following question-answer session we conducted, in a conversation with the co-founder and CEO of Drippler.

What is Drippler about?

Drippler is about providing consumers with the latest updates, news & rumors about their gadgets.

How is Drippler different from the existing array of well established Gadget information portals?

The main two differences are:

  • Personalization: Drippler provides updates that are relevant to your gadgets. Each and every users gets a personalized dashboard (My Drips) with the latest updates, news & rumors (Drips) relevant to his/her gadgets, and a weekly personalized email with a summary of the most important Drips. This saves the hassle of searching and browsing (on other sites you have to look for the news that interests you), and makes sure you are always up-to-date.
  • Curation: Drippler scans the web and brings the most relevant content on each model. That way, you get the full picture and don’t miss any critical news.

What features does it offer?

Drippler has a product page for each model with the latest Drips, as well as a page for all brands and categories. It allows registered users to choose the gadgets they have and ones they are interested in, and get a personalized dashboard (My Drips) with the latest Drips relevant to his/her gadgets, and a weekly personalized email with a summary of the most important Drips. (They can always update their gadget list).

Users can comment and discuss the Drips with the community of users of the gadgets they own, and also help the community by “Liking” Drips, flagging them as “Important”, “Duplicate” and so on, improving the sorting and screening of content on the site.

Users can add Drips to their “Favorites” and go back to those Drips whenever they want (useful for reading later, or saving useful manuals etc).

Drips can be sorted on “My Drips” or product pages chronologically (Latest) or according to popularity (Popular). 

Screenshot (Click on the image to view it’s full size)

What mobile platforms is the Drippler app available?

The site can be accessed from all smart phones. Drippler also has an Android app which keeps you updated on your Android – (support for many additional Android models coming soon)

Who is the team behind Drippler?

We are a team of gadget enthusiasts. After missing out on many important firmware updates, cool apps, tech issues and other important content about our gadgets, we decided to help others stay updated on their gadgets, and created Drippler.

When was the website originally founded?

Our limited Alpha site was launched on March 2010. Sign-up and the personalized features were officially launched in January 2011.

What are the future plans for Drippler? What can the users/ fans expect?

We plan to add more community features to leverage the user community around each gadget and allow people to share content (tips & tricks, videos and so on). We plan to support additional gadget categories (cameras, GPS, laptops, video games and more)